Healthcare commissioners

“What I hear around the country is that we have masses of information but we need to turn that into something that is intelligible and can be used for strategic decision making. We need to look at how information links together to get a holistic picture of the situation.” - Dr Shahid Ali, GP and Clinical Lead, Patients and Intelligence Directorate, National Commissioning Board

At its core, commissioning is about decision making.

Commissioners use information to plan, agree, commission and monitor services, thereby improving the quality of primary care. Information is vital to supporting these aims and those of the quality, efficiency and integrated care agendas.

Information is typically developed through local analyst teams, a data warehouse and a reporting platform, bringing in specialist suppliers as needed. However, commissioners are often flooded with information, making it difficult to know where to focus efforts. On the other hand, data may also be held in silos, making it difficult to obtain. A highly variable patient mix may make comparisons difficult. Patient-identifiable data also raises the need to navigate around complex information governance arrangements.

Dr Foster’s commissioning solutions

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