International hospitals

“We firmly believe that Global Comparators has the potential to revolutionise the way leading hospitals share outcome data and collaborate on clinical outcome improvement.” - Tom Jackiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, UC San Diego Health System

Dr Foster works with hospitals and health systems across the world to make their data better, and help improve the quality and efficiency of care. Our solutions enable our clients to benchmark their performance, both nationally and internationally, and to share learning and best practice. Specific initiatives include:

Global Comparators

“The Global Comparators project gives us a unique forum for engaging and collaborating with our peers from around the world, to drive improvements in our clinical quality.” - Professor Misa Dzoljic, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

The Global Comparators project is a unique opportunity for leading hospitals to work together in sharing best practice to:

  • Deliver meaningful cost savings
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Increase efficiencies in care delivery

For the first time, top hospitals from around the world are sharing data to define comparable, worldwide indicators of quality and efficiency. Combined with a facilitated network and managed, collaborative improvement programmes, this initiative ensures sharing of best practice and experience across international boundaries.

Leading hospitals from the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands have joined the project as founding members. For more information on how to join them, visit the Global Comparators website.

Standardised Mortality Ratios for the USA

Dr Foster is now able to provide an online standardised mortality tool to US hospitals free of charge. This solution is providing a focal point for action for over 100 US hospitals.

Casemix models

Many countries are adopting our casemix models to help them understand variations in quality and outcome metrics across different hospitals. The most notable initiatives are in Italy and Ireland, where Dr Foster is working with national and regional bodies to help improve healthcare delivery.