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“There is lots and lots of potential benchmarking data out there. The approach that Dr Foster have developed to analysing that data simply and clearly has the potential to make a significant impact on our ability to work with clinical teams to deliver improvements in productivity and quality of services.” - Richard Kirby, Chief Operating Officer, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

NHS hospitals are currently expected to make unprecedented efficiency savings while improving quality of care and health outcomes. It’s a tough challenge, but we’ll do our best to help by making sure you have the best, most insightful information available.

Our solutions can give you the information you need to benchmark and improve performance in these key areas:

New product: Care Quality Tracker

CQTCare Quality Tracker is an online quality monitoring solution designed with and for NHS acute trusts that acts as an early warning system.

Incorporating the latest available data from multiple sources, it provides easy and convenient access to the new CQC (Hospital Intelligent Monitoring) indicators, enabling trusts to quickly identify and thoroughly investigate risk alerts before receiving notifications from the regulator.

Performance dashboard

TrustViewTrustView is an online ‘quick-look’ overview tool for non-specialist users within acute hospital trusts. The tool provides top-level information on clinical quality, clinical efficiency and market share (covering both the PCT and GP markets).

Hospital trusts can use the dashboard to identify areas of concern and their existing subscriptions to drill-down into the data to see the factors driving that concern.


Quality Investigator is the faster, smarter, easier way for acute trusts to measure and understand quality outcomes and patient safety.  Its sleek dashboard and intuitive interface was developed through extensive user experience feedback. Quality Investigator will replace Dr Foster’s flagship Real Time Monitoring tool. Find out more.

Mortality Comparator is available free of charge to all Quality Investigator users, enabling them to investigate and understand the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI) rapidly, easily and dynamically, and embed this indicator within their wider quality and mortality management programmes.  It provides a detailed comparison between the HSMR and SHMI, not only at a trust level, but also compared with national and chosen peers, to provide insights down to individual diagnosis group level. Click here to find out how East Kent Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust undertook a root cause analysis of its SHMI using Mortality Comparator.

The Global Comparators project brings together leading academic hospitals in England, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy to benchmark information, compare outcomes and collaborate through the sharing of best practice.

The Clinician Outcomes Benchmarking (COB) system is an easy-to-use, web-based tool offering information on individual clinical performance that can be benchmarked and monitored against the national average.

And because we know that every trust will have its own unique challenges, we can also create bespoke solutions to address those challenges, such as creating a unique basket of quality indicators to benchmark the performance of a specialist trust or conducting an in-depth analysis of the data underlying mortality ratios.

Dr Foster HSMR toolkit. There is a long-running debate amongst academics and NHS organisations on HSMRs, which is one that we welcome as it encourages the continued scrutiny of hospital performance and methods of measuring it. This toolkit was written in this context and it lays out the history, methodology and correct way to interpret and use HSMRs to improve quality.
Download the Dr Foster HSMR Toolkit v9


Practice and Provider Monitor (PPM) is a web-based strategic planning and performance measurement solution, which identifies how providers can make savings and improve efficiency around key areas, such as length of stay, bed day savings and emergency readmissions. More on PPM

We can also support the drive for efficiency savings with our bespoke solutions. To support the development of one trust’s strategies for change, for instance, we provided a comprehensive overview of clinical and financial performance, detail on the areas with the greatest scope for cost-savings, commentary, interpretation and a set of prioritised recommendations.

Market share

Hospital Marketing Manager (HMM) helps trusts to plan, develop and market their services and understand how provision relates to population need, by providing insight into admission patterns across the local healthcare economy. Read more about HMM

In addition to HMM, we have also created bespoke reports for trusts wishing to explore in detail the impact on their market share of different strategic options for the organisation of clinical services. The potential financial value of each option was a key part of these evaluations.