Hospital Marketing Manager (HMM)

Hospital Marketing Manager (HMM) helps trusts to plan and develop their services through understanding their referral patterns and devising local marketing strategies.

Some key HMM facts:

  • 65 per cent of all trusts (foundation and acute) use HMM.
  • There are 1,467 registered HMM users across the NHS.
  • An average of 35,000 queries are run each month in HMM.

HMM can help to:

  • Identify and analyse business opportunities and financial risks
  • Analyse referral patterns
  • Identify areas of gain or loss in market share
  • Inform strategic marketing decisions
  • Understand competitive pressures
  • Segment markets and relate service provision to population need
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Analyse activity by HRG.

HMM can be used to:

  • Highlight gaps in current provision or activity versus potential activity and how this relates to revenue
  • Decide where and how to influence referrals and configure secondary healthcare provision for the future
  • Monitor progress through the use of historical data, which is updated with new monthly data to conduct trend analyses
  • Identify patterns in GP practice referrals and understand the share of this activity relative to all other acute trusts in England
  • Estimate patients’ health needs, derived from linking hospital admissions with local, population-based, sociodemographic data
  • View and map information in an easily accessible format on the basis of HRG diagnosis and procedure, by geography, from SHA level right down to practice level.

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