Non-NHS solutions

We understand the English healthcare market. And we know what information you need to deepen your understanding of the market.

As the leading provider of healthcare information in England, Dr Foster is uniquely placed to provide business intelligence for private-sector organisations working in the English healthcare market. Our solutions, based on the same hospital admissions data that is available to our NHS clients, provide key insights into:

  • Market size and value
  • Activity levels
  • Quality and efficiency of acute providers
  • Underlying patient demographics

Our web-based solutions have been tailored to the needs of both pharmaceutical companies and private providers, including medical devices companies.

For pharmaceutical companies

Regional Healthcare Analysis (RHA), produced in partnership with IMS, is Dr Foster’s solution for the pharmaceutical market. Designed to help with market sizing, prioritisation and campaign evaluation, it contains key indicators on hospital activity as well as prescribing data.

For private providers, including medical devices companies

Healthcare Market Intelligence (HMI) allows private providers to:

  • Understand activity levels within specific NHS health economies
  • Quantify the cost of that activity
  • Benchmark providers on performance indicators of quality and efficiency
  • Understand market dynamics
  • Understand patient referral patterns